PHP on IBM i (AS400)によるWEB化のことならオムニサイエンスへ!

This is the query tool that anyone
can easily access to data of
mission-critical systems anywhere and anytime.

To phpQuery Service Introduction

Although PHP in IBM i is wanted to install, there is anxiety
because you do not know how to do. Such a case,
phpStartPack will greatly help you.

To phpStarPack Service Introduction

IBM i (AS / 400) is found by well-known company.

To AS400 Navi

Everyone are protagonist here.
The world is full of exciting.

To Careers

Although Omniscience is still a small company now,
we continue to challenge.

Company Overview




IBM i WebQuery tool

Anywhere, anytime anyone, you can easily see the data of mission-critical systems. You can see in real time the data of IBM i from iPad and Android tablets and smartphones. Without having to or attended the training you can read the manual, it was stuck to the user interface that anyone can be intuitive.

PHP on IBM i Smart Start

Although PHP in IBM i is wanted to install, there is anxiety because you do not know how to do. "The introduction of ZendServer for IBM i", "providing sample source", performs "technical support" to support the PHP development of
your customers IBM i (AS / 400).

IBM i company search site
『AS400ナビ i』

"AS400 Navi" is a Web site that provides services and solutions in the system personnel for the IBM i user companies. "We found in the easy category Search" "I want to find a strong company in AS400," "Free material can be downloaded or contact us by" in the resolution of various system issues, and has published a company that will support to become a force .


What We Aim

Through the power of the technology ,
making the "smile" and "thank you" to all over the world

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Bright light from outside enters to Open Entrance.

Bright light will plug from big open windows and set foot in the entrance.
We will welcome the guests with the reception which is adorned logo and plant of the company.

Meeting of calm atmosphere

It is used as a place of contact meeting with customers and suppliers to exchange information in company. It also has been used as a communication space while turned on the TV during lunch.

Become open office after removing partition that had before between staff.

We removed the partitions and become more convenient to share information and communicate between staff in wider atmosphere of company . That’s why, Communication among employees will also be smooth, also makes it easier born idea from here than before.

Best customer service can be provided precisely because there is a latest development environment

Devised to increase the efficiency and productivity of system development and system management business is stuck in this space.